The 2024 competition

April 26, 2024 . “Jazz Schmiede” . Düsseldorf

The audition, the selection of the winner and the award ceremony took place on April 26, 2024 with a public event in the »Jazz Schmiede. Düsseldorf« held. Each candidate sang together with the accompanying band - Lars Duppler (pano), Nico Brandenburg (bass), Simon Busch (drums) - three selected pieces of music from the styles modern jazz, standard, ternary; Ballad; Groove Jazz or Funk/Rock etc. Binary.

The award winner was chosen by a competent jury and the audience present, as well as the award, which took place on the same evening.

The Jury

  • Fay Claassen . mehrfach ausgezeichnete Jazzsängerin
  • Kristina Brodersen . Renommierte Jazzmusikerin am Saxofon
  • Uli Beckerhoff . International renommierter Jazzmusiker . Professor für Jazztrompete
  • Jürgen Ringbeck . Initiator und Veranstalter YOUNG JAZZ TALENT AWARD . Jazz-Enthusiast
  • das Publikum der »Jazz Schmiede . Düsseldorf« am Abend der Wettbewerbsveranstaltung


Fay Claassen

Kristina Brodersen

Uli Beckerhoff 

Jürgen Ringbeck