Finn Wiest

What fascinates you most about music?  What fascinates me most about music, especially jazz, is the fact that when you play with others, you immediately build a special connection and learn a lot about the other players (but also about yourself) - no matter how well you know each other or where you come from. Music is the lowest common denominator for interaction, in my opinion.

Which musician has influenced you personally the most so far?  If I have to settle on one person, it's probably the drummer Tony Williams. But musicians like Bud Powell, Stevie Wonder or João Gilberto have also inspired me a lot.

With which band / soloist have you always wanted to be on stage?  Whether on stage or in a jam session - I wish I had the experience of playing with John Coltrane.

What is your life like outside of music?  Outside of music, there's not that much room, but when there is, it's mostly for jogging or playing basketball.

Finn Wiest, born in 1998 in Biberach an der Riß, began playing the drums at the age of four. After lessons with Markus Merz and Eckhard Stromer and numerous awards at national and international competitions for young musicians (including Jugend musiziert), he became a member of the LandesJazzOrchester Baden-Württemberg under the direction of Rainer Tempel at the age of 17. In New York, he received lessons from John Riley and Ari Hoenig and has been studying jazz percussion with Jonas Burgwinkel, Michael Küttner and Roland Höppner at the Cologne University of Music and Dance since 2017. Finn is in demand in the Cologne jazz scene as a sideman in various formations and has played concerts with musicians such as Reza Askari, Matthias Pichler Pablo Held and Florian Ross. He has been a member of the Bundesjazzorchester since February 2022. His playing is described as very tasteful and musical.


Musical curriculum vitae

from 02.2022 . Member of the Bundesjazzorchester
from 2005 . Percussion lessons with Markus Merz, Warthausen
from 10.2017 . Studies at the Hochschule für Musik Köln with Prof. Jonas Burgwinkel, Michael Küttner, Roland Höppner & Prof. Niels Klein
03.2017 . Stay in New York: teaching and playing on sessions
09.2016 . 2nd prize "Giornate della Percussione" . Pescara, Italy
08.2016 . Participation "Jazz & more 2016" in Ochsenhausen . Lecturers: Thorsten Krill, Martin Schrack)
2016 - 2018 . Member of the Landesjugendjazzorchester Baden-Württemberg . Conductors: Rainer Tempel & Klaus Graf
from 09.2015 . Lessons at the Musikhochschule Stuttgart with Eckhard Stromer
Autumn 2015 . Member of "LandesJugendPercussionEnsemble" Baden-Württemberg
from summer 2015 . Member of Big Band Saulgau
from spring 2015 . Piano lessons with Joe Fessele, Laupheim
2015 . Participation Jazz & more 2015" in Ochsenhausen . Teachers: Thorsten Krill, Martin Schrack
2014 . 1st and 2nd Federal Prize "Jugend musiziert" .
2013 I 2014 . Participation Musical Orchestra . Conductor Christoph Hagel
2012 . 2nd Federal Prize "Jugend musiziert
2012 . 2nd prize "Giornate della Percussione" .
2011 . 2nd prize "Giornate della Percussione" . internat. Percussion Competition in Fermo, Italy
from 2009 . lessons in mallets and other percussion instruments
since 2007 . Member of the "Percussion Ensemble" Markus Merz